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Law on Management of Petroleum and Petroleum Products (006/0719)

General Provisions

Article 1.-

The purpose of this law ,is to promote the sustainable and effective development of the Petroleum Sector in order to contribute to the social and economie development as weil as the long term interests of the nation.

Article 2.-

The objective of this law is to determine the competence and rules of management of the
Petroleum Sector.

Article 3._
This law governs ali activities of the Petroleum Sector in the territorial integrity and
sovereignty of the Kingdom of Cambodia, including the seabed and the subsoil of the exclusive
economie zone and the continental shelf, as weil as any other areas over which the Kingdom of
Cambodia has sovereign rights.
Article 4._
The key technical terms used in this law shall be defined in the glossary as an annex.

Competence and Management

Article 5.-

All Petroleum Resources are the property of the State.

Article 6._
The Ministry of Mines and Energy has the competence to manage and supervise ali activities
in the Petroleum Sector.
Any natural person or legal entity who seeks to conduct any activities in the Petroleum Sector
shall require prior authorization from the Ministry of Mines and Energy.
The Minister of Mines and Energy may delegate any functions and resources in relation to
certain activities in the Petroleum Sector to subnational in accorda nee with applicable procedures.
Article 7._
The management of the Petroleum Sector shall be based on the principles of transparency,
accountability, equity for the prosperity of society and public welfare, security and safety, and
responsibility for the environ ment.
To effectively implement these principles, the management of the Petroleum Sector shall
Article 8._
Maximization of national interests;
Best practices in upstream and downstream activities;
Supply of Petroleum Products with quality, quantity and pricing; which contributes to
strengthening national energy security;
High level of responsibility towards environment, reduction of environmental pollution
and environmental restoration;
Efficiency of supervision over the implementation of safety management rules and of
conditions for occup ational health;
Development, promotion and enhancement of national capacity in technical and business
aspects in the Petroleum Sector;
Creation of employment opportunities for citizens and local content;
Growth of State's revenue and contribution to promoting diversification and
competitiveness of national industrial and commercial sectors; and
Creation of direct benefits to local communities and the enhancement of the living
standards of local citizens residing within petroleum operation a reas.

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