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សេចក្តីជូនដំណឹងលេខ ០១១ ស្តីពី នីតិវិធីនៃការចុះបញ្ជីបរធនបាលកិច្ច លើសេវារក្សាទុក (Escrow Account)


The Kingdom of Cambodia

Nation - Religion - King

Ministry of Economy and Finance

No 011 MEF



Trust Registration Procedures on Retention Services (Escrow Account)

Ministry of Economy and Finance, which is the regulator of Trust Law, would like to inform the institutions- entities that have been implementing the business of retention services that: to operate the business of retention services eligible in accordance with the law as stated in chapter 2, section 2 ,article 10 of the Law on Trust and all retention services are obliged to register with the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

            Institutions - entities that have been in the business of retention services are only required to be registered as an operator of a retention service that is valid in accordance with the provisions of this law.

            In order to expedite and complete the Trust Law registration procedures on retention services, businessmen with stored service must submit the required documents such as:

1. Application for registration of Trust Law

2. A copy of the general conditions of Retention Service (Contract or document of similar value)

3. List of personnel assigned to the Trustor

4. Resume of the Trustor

5. Duty insurance contracts are in charge of Trustor functions

6. Deliver service reports on service provision for next year

7. A copy of the license or certificate from the relevant regulator

8. Pay annual fees and other fees as stated in Prakas No. 854 MEF.PK, dated September 30, 2019

9. Other documents as required by MEF.

Ministry of Economy and Finance



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